Here you will find all the information you need to care for your jeans from KREM̈ EDITIONS. 

In order to preserve the appearance of your jeans as much as possible, it is not recommended to wash them too often, to spin them or to machine wash them at more than 30°.

To preserve the colour and durability of your jeans, it is best to wash them by hand. Do not roll them up to prevent creasing.

If you choose to machine wash your jeans, use a gentle wash cycle at 30 degrees with a special dark detergent so that the jeans retain their colour.
Turn the jeans inside out to preserve their fibres and colours.


We strongly advise against using a tumble dryer. It is best to lay your jeans flat on a drying rack in the open air.


It is not mandatory to iron your jeans. If you choose this option, turn your jeans inside out.
On your iron, choose the "cotton" or "central steam" option. Close gently.
Do not iron over very thick seams, pockets or belt loops. Never iron over rivets or jacron.


Every piece of denim has a jacron on the back of your jeans.
Each jacron is made from scrap leather or pineapple leather. Your recycled leather jacron may stain the back of your jeans. This stain will not be visible from the outside, but there is a way to remove it:

Use a sponge soaked in clay stone with a few drops of 70° alcohol. Gently wipe the sponge in small circular motions. Repeat the operation until the stain has completely disappeared.